The Christmas-Easter Connection, Part 2

Good morning! With our current year drawing to a close, pondering the beauty and hope of the Christmas-Easter connection seems a fitting way to anticipate the year to come, and so we return this morning for part two of Pastor Ralph’s sermon about the two greatest events in history. May God bless our meeting. FirstContinue reading “The Christmas-Easter Connection, Part 2”

The Christmas-Easter Connection, Part 1

Good morning, church! It’s been a long and difficult year, and we turn gratefully this morning to consider the hope we celebrate at Christmas, now only days away. Our message today reflects upon the magnitude of the birth of Jesus as well as its connection to Easter when we celebrate His sacrificial death on theContinue reading “The Christmas-Easter Connection, Part 1”

God’s Covenants: Arrangements

Pastor Ralph continues his series on covenants (sworn solemn oaths or engagements) between God and humankind. In this week’s Bible study, he brings us to the very beginning of the Bible to introduce the arrangements and conditions God created for humanity at the beginning, setting the stage for all subsequent events and covenants in theContinue reading “God’s Covenants: Arrangements”

The Bridge to God

Pastor Ralph preaches about the bridge to God and the way across the separation between us (humans and God) that He offers to new life, eternal life, by trusting in Jesus Christ. First Song: As We Gather/The Steadfast Love Offering Online giving information is available here. Second Song: Christ the Sure and Steady Anchor MessageContinue reading “The Bridge to God”


Pastor Ralph continues a series on prayer, describing the importance of a deeper and more mature prayer life and how we can cultivate one. Last week he introduced us to the A.C.T.S. model of prayer: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication. We continue to look at A.C.T.S. this morning, focusing in particular on rightly understanding supplication. MayContinue reading “A.C.T.S.”

The Grace of Christ’s Sacrifice

As we commemorate Remembrance Day today, Pastor Ralph digs deeper into the oft-quoted verse, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13) to discuss the uniqueness of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. Scripture reading: John 12:15-17, focusing on verse 13 Message In accordance withContinue reading “The Grace of Christ’s Sacrifice”