About Us

Faith. Family. Fellowship.

United by a shared love of God and His Word, we are a congregation drawn together from more than a dozen countries, reflecting a range of ages, gifts, and backgrounds.

Our roots stretch back more than seventy years to tent meetings held by young families in what was then a rural farming area. It’s our privilege to carry on a legacy of faith, family, and fellowship as together we seek to be changed by the power of the Holy Spirit through the truth of God’s Word.

What it’s like to worship with us


Our worship features a blend of hymns (traditional worship music) and choruses (contemporary worship music). Whether the tunes are old or new, a burden for solid Biblical lyric content is at the heart of our worship.

Bible Version

Calvary chooses to use the King James Version (KJV) in corporate worship. Using a single translation helps ensure we’re on the same page (literally and figuratively) as we read, learn, and memorise as a church body. We’re fortunate to have a pastor who takes care to help us grasp both the wording and intent of this version.

We represent a range of beliefs about Biblical translations, with some also using the KJV during their personal reading and study of God’s Word, and some opting to use more contemporary translations at home. Whatever your personal beliefs and habits, we trust you’ll be willing to respect our choice when we’re together.


Our church features a ramp at the side entrance and a main floor level bathroom in the annex (the old farmhouse connected to the church building). Please note that the annex door does feature a step, and that someone will be glad to help you if you should need any kind of mobility assistance.

Unfortunately we are not currently equipped with an accessible means of reaching the lower level, though plans to do so are under investigation. Once more, however, if you should need assistance to reach the basement, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here to serve each other.

If you require hearing assistance, please enquire with a greeter or an usher about obtaining a hearing device.


We know from scripture that God is most concerned with what’s within us, that it’s a heart prepared to praise that pleases Him. We don’t hold to a dress code; we encourage you wear whatever will best help you prepare to worship with our church family. Many people in our congregation choose to dress in semi-formal attire (suits and ties, dresses, skirts, dress pants, blouses); this has traditionally has been seen a gesture of respect, symbolising the desire to offer God the best that we have. Others choose to dress casually, reflecting our different traditions and comfort with each other. However you choose to dress, we invite you to enter with a heart focused on seeking God.

I’ve never been to a Christian church before. What should I expect?

Expect to be welcome! We’d be happy to have you. You are not required to cover your head, remove your shoes, or wash your hands/feet to enter a church building (a “church” better describes the people who meet together to worship God more than the building they meet in). Our services consist of prayer, singing, an offering (voluntary donations collected to go towards the running of the church and its work), and a sermon (a spiritual lesson taught from the Christian holy book, the Bible). Several times a year on special occasions, we also have meals after the morning service, to which everyone is invited.

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