Knowing God Better

Good morning, visitors and family! This week, in addition to our message, we’re happy to be able to bring you music, a closing prayer, and information about how to give your offering online, so the service components have been ordered as they would be when we all meet together. We’re hoping to release more videos during the course of the week, so follow our website and Facebook page, and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you’ll be notified when we post them.

In our message this week, Pastor Ralph continues to consider themes introduced last week: the severity and the kindness of God. Pastor sheds more light on the importance of understanding these attributes together, both as we read scripture and as we consider events in the world around us.

We pray you’re keeping well! If you have any comments or prayer requests, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section below today’s post. May God bless you as you join us in our meeting today.

Order of Service

First Song

Across the Lands

Second Song

Christ Our Hope in Life and Death


Follow this link to learn how to digitally give your offering.


Third Song

He Will Hold Me Fast


Music and lyrics are posted with the permission of Getty Music. These resources are offered by Getty Music specifically to help churches like ours with online service streaming during this pandemic. Our thanks to them for their generosity!

2 thoughts on “Knowing God Better

  1. Thank you Pastor for your constant obedience and preaching the truth. We miss our fellowship together, however, we are united in the Lord. Here in Brampton and around the world.

  2. Dear Pastor Willan, Thank you for allowing us to be able to continue hearing the word of God through streaming it to the comforts of our home, Dorothy Barnett and I were truly blessed from your messages last week and this. love the great choices of songs Emily and Eliza. Blessings to you all, I pray the Lord will continue to bless you in wisdom and knowledge of His words for the edification of those you serve with His words in Calvary Baptist Church

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