Christ Ascends to Heaven

Today’s message focuses on the ascension of Jesus Christ to Heaven, continuing our series on the Christ Event (a term that describes the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, and their integral part in the gospel story). These amazing pieces of salvation history are the foundation of a believer’s hope. May they be a blessing to you.

First Song: How Deep the Father’s Love For Us


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Second Song: His Mercy is More

Message: Christ Ascends to Heaven

Scripture readings

Luke 1:26-35
Matthew 28:18-20
Luke 24:50-53
Acts 1:4-11

Third Song: Rejoice, the Lord is King

Fourth Song: Before the Throne of God Above

Closing prayer

During our regular meetings, I often include a thought-provoking quotation on the inside of the bulletin. So here’s a thought for today.

“If you do not listen earnestly to Jesus, consider him daily, and fix your eyes on him hourly, then you will not stand still, you will go backward.”

John Piper

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