The Christmas-Easter Connection, Part 1

Good morning, church!

It’s been a long and difficult year, and we turn gratefully this morning to consider the hope we celebrate at Christmas, now only days away. Our message today reflects upon the magnitude of the birth of Jesus as well as its connection to Easter when we celebrate His sacrificial death on the cross. In this first part, Pastor delves into scripture surrounding Christ’s miraculous birth.

First Song: Joy to the World


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Second Song: Silent Night


Scripture readings

Luke 1:26-28, 2:8-14

Third Song: Hark, the Herald Angels Sing!

Closing thought

“Faith is not a bargain with God—I will trust You if You give me money, but not if You don’t. We have to trust in God whether He sends us money or not, whether He gives us health or not. We must have faith in God, not in His gifts.”

Oswald Chambers

One thought on “The Christmas-Easter Connection, Part 1

  1. What a beautiful day we had today! Receiving a much needed reminder to cherish our Lord every day of the year.

    Thank you Pastor Ralph for the sermon and the clarity of the scriptures

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