We’re thankful to worship with you again this morning, Calvary!

Today we’re continuing to consider the history of redemption (the Christ crescendo). The focus of the next few sermons will be Jesus preparing his disciples for his departure (death, resurrection, ascension) by telling them about what will come after him — the Holy Spirit, described as a parakletos, “one called to come alongside” them (John 16:7). We’ll delve this week into the scriptural context, looking at selections from the book of John chapters 13 to 16.

May God bless you as we worship together apart.

First Song: Ten Thousand Reasons


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Second Song: How Firm A Foundation


Scripture readings

Selections from John 13-16

Third Song: My Heart is Filled With Thankfulness

Closing thought

“…The gospel offers eternal life as a free gift. But we are such proud creatures that we don’t want a free gift. We would do anything to be able to earn our salvation, or at least be able to contribute to it. To be told that we cannot is almost unbearably humiliating.”

— John Stott, Basic Christian Leadership

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