God’s Grace and Justice

Happy Sunday, church. It’s good to share this time with you.

This week, we’re look at the balancing of God’s justice and undeserved love in the form of saving grace. Pastor Ralph explains, “Saving grace generates both the ability to admit to [your] need of it as well as willingness to receive God’s gift by repentance and faith — faith in Jesus as the only One who can save [you].”

If you recognise yourself in that statement, please don’t delay in acting. There is nothing more important you could do today for the sake of eternity.

First Song: His Mercy is More


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Second Song: I Will Wait For You


Scripture readings

Romans 3:19-31
Romans 5:1

Third Song: Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery

Closing thought

Grace abounds not through our continuing in sin, but through our spirit-empowered, ongoing liberation.

David Mathis

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