This Man Receiveth Sinners

It’s Palm Sunday, and today we gather to worship the God who turns death into life.

We rejoice that our church building was able to reopen with 15% capacity today, and we count it a blessing that we can continue to gather here online for a time of worship each week.

Pastor John Bodner brings us a message today entitled “This Man receiveth sinners.” Pastor Bodner will introduce us both to “This Man” and to the “sinners,” explaining the nuances of what they seemed to be and what they proved to be.

It’s by God-given discernment that anyone is able to recognise the differences between human appearances and spiritual realities that will be reflected upon today. If God has given you that discernment, and you can see and hear them, will you act? Will you come to Him, “This Man” Christ Jesus, and follow Him in loving obedience?

First Song: Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery


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Second Song: Hosanna! Hosanna!

Third Song: The King in All His Beauty


Scripture readings

Isaiah 25:1-9
Revelation 7:9-17
Luke 15:1-2

(Sermon preached by Pastor John Bodner, an itinerant minister affiliated with Calvary.)

Fourth Song: Just As I Am

Closing thought

“God treated Christ as we deserved to be treated, so that He might treat us as Christ deserved to be treated.”

Jerry Bridges

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