A Root out of Dry Ground

Good morning, church! It’s a blessing to open God’s Word with you today.

We’re in the book of Isaiah looking at “The Song of the Servant” (chapters 52-53). We considered last week the revelation of the Messiah in the prologue to the Song, and we turn this week to the humiliation of the Messiah.

In three verses, the deity of the Servant, the “Arm of the Lord” sent to save God’s people from their sins, is revealed — and then swiftly rejected by those He has come to save. Whatever He may claim to be, He doesn’t look the part: “He isn’t born a winner, He doesn’t look a winner, He doesn’t act like a winner, at all. His life and ministry cut across everything most people expect and value. They are put off, and put out. They fall off, and fall out. To them, He amounts to nothing, and they account Him nothing.” The Servant knew it must be this way, and still He came. Still He served. Still He saves.

No worship can ever be enough, and nevertheless we gather with joy to worship Jesus Christ the Servant King. May God bless our time together.

Opening Song: Man of Sorrows


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Scripture readings

Genesis 22:1-14
Mark 15:1-15
Isaiah 53:1-3

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Closing thought

“Men do not reject the Bible because it contradicts itself, but because it contradicts them.”

—E. Paul Hovey

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