After This Manner Pray, Part 3

Good morning!

We continue our series on prayer today. Details will follow later today. For now, please enjoy the music and verse selected for today.

The message will, as usual, livestream at 11 AM.

First Song: As the Deer


Online giving information is available here.


Scripture readings

Nehemiah 8:1-9:3
Acts 8:26-40
Matthew 6:9

You can watch our service livestream at 11 AM on our Facebook page. The video will be uploaded to YouTube later in the day and also posted here. The message is brought to us by Pastor John Bodner, an intinerant minister attached to Calvary.

Second Song: Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Closing thought

“Jesus would not have invited the weary and heavy laden to come to Him, if He was not able and determined to give them rest.”

—John Newton

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