Christ Ascended, Exalted

It’s perhaps no surprise that our times are only becoming more troubled. As pressures mount, we see more clearly the deficencies in our world that we’re usually only aware of in passing during the “good times.” Now, without the distractions of our normal lives, we’re having to face up to them.

For believers most of all, these days are a vital opportunity to examine ourselves, to ask God to show us the parts of our lives where we have chosen to let sin rule over us rather than Christ. We cannot live with sin. As John Piper says, “[Killing sin] is not optional. This is mortal combat: sin dies or we die.” The weight of our sin and the brokenness to which it leads, in our own lives and in the world, can be disheartening to recognise. It can — it must — deeply grieve us, as it deeply grieves God. But there is hope also. Victory over sin isn’t just possible; by God’s grace, it’s already done. God’s plan of redemption means our hope is Christ, in life and death.

In our message this morning, Pastor Ralph walks us through the architecture of that divine plan of redemption. We’ll see both the descent of Jesus Christ (beginning with His literal descent from Heaven to become a human being) and His ascension (finishing with all humanity’s recognition of Jesus Christ as Lord).

May God bless our meeting apart.

First Song: Christ Our Hope in Life and Death


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Second Song: Forever Jesus


Scripture readings

Romans 1:2-4
Acts 2:36
Philippians 2:3-11

Third Song: Down From His Glory

Closing Prayer

Final thought

“Imperfect people can be faithful to God because He is faithful to them.”

Ray Ortlund

One thought on “Christ Ascended, Exalted

  1. Thank you Pastor Ralph. I am deeply thankful to the Lord for his mercy towards us and He is so gracious to teach us his word through your faithfulness to prepare a message that in these moments of uncertainty for many, He brings us back to Jesus our Lord to contemplate his majesty and the hope we have in Him. May God bless you and your family and each one of the church family and let us pray for revival, starting with our own life and the Church of God around the world.

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