God’s Promises: Getting the Big Picture

We’re studying God’s promises, looking at Bible characters who received (or were part of) a promise from God and then saw that promise fulfilled. Our aim with this study is to understand God’s promises within the context of God’s policies, so that we as believers can know how to rightly “claim” them to bring glory to God.

We looked previously at Moses. In this second installment of our series, David is our focus as we learn about God’s promise to forgive our sins. We’ll learn also of the conditions attached to that promise of forgiveness: confessing our sin, and forsaking our sin.

Scripture readings

2 Peter 1:1-4
Psalm 32
1 John 1:9

Recap: Moses

Pastor Ralph recaps our previous study about God’s promises, which focused on the life of Moses.

Today’s Study: David

Join us next week as we continue our series, looking at the apostle Peter (also called Simon).

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