The Jesus Crescendo, Part 1

Good morning, Calvary, and Happy New Year!

It’s a privilege to worship with you.

We’re continuing our theme on the connections between Christmas and Easter. The message this week aims to trace the Christ crescendo through the history of redemption, beginning with prophecies of Jesus’ birth and building up to Pentecost. We consider that Christ continues to live in each and every true believer, and we haven’t yet even reached the height of the Jesus crescendo: his return.

First Song: Ten Thousand Reasons


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Second Song: The Solid Rock


Scripture readings

From Acts 1 and 2

Third Song: The Light of the World is Jesus

Closing thought

“When your perceptions tell you something different than God’s promises, always trust his promises over your perceptions.”

Jon Bloom

One thought on “The Jesus Crescendo, Part 1

  1. Good Day to all!. Thanks to God for each message from Pastor Ralph! I am grateful that each word is soothing and a source of fresh waters that do not stop flowing from the Word of God and give us a clear and calm understanding of the Scriptures.

    Thank you Pastor Ralph for the wise comment of today to not overload us with so much at once. It is an answer to a concern of my own and I am grateful that God answers prayers and questions in His time and when my mind is clear and able to capture His answers!

    God bless you all and I really long to see you all at Church again as the Lord permits.

    Have a great week!


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