The Jesus Crescendo, Part 2

Good morning! We’re glad you’re here. It’s a privilege and blessing to worship with you.

We’ve just passed out of a difficult year, and these first breaths of 2021 have scarcely been less turbulent. Rampant disease, political turmoil, crime, tragedy — as we look upon the history we’ve just lived and the history we are making even now, light can be difficult to see. For such times as these, we’re called to set our minds on things that are above, and we can hardly do better than to consider our place in an infinite history that flows through eternity, untouched by the evils, heartbreaks, and frustrations of the moment: the history of redemption.

In continuing to consider the Christ crescendo through redemption history, we’ll focus on the expansion of the church after Jesus’ death, both in Judea and throughout the world. We are still in this period now, and will be until His return. The vital hope of every true believer in Jesus is that that day will come soon (though it’s not for us to know when), and that while we wait, we might be used of the Holy Spirit to prepare as many souls as possible for a restored relationship with God.

May we see revival and reformation in our lifetime, and may God bless us as we meet together virtually today.

First Song: Christ Our Hope in Life and Death


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Second Song: Amazing Grace


Scripture readings

Acts 1:3-8
Acts 2:1-41
Joel 2:28-32
Romans 1:18-23

Third Song: Christ the Sure and Steady Anchor

Closing thought

God is that which nothing greater can be conceived.

Saint Anselm of Canterbury

One thought on “The Jesus Crescendo, Part 2

  1. Good Morning to all!

    Thank you Pastor Ralph for the sermon of this morning. It is surely a fundamental sermon for me and I rejoice as I listen to it!

    Our Lord is so gracious and precious that He sends his consolations to his children in the midst of the multitude of our thoughts of every day living.

    Our Lord is working wonders everywhere and yes, we may not see them physically; but His mighty works never stop!

    Praise His Name!

    Thanks to God for you Pastor Ralph and your dedication to the sheep that The Father had entrusted you to look after to.

    And YES, as a shepherd of the flock, you teach us the truth and pray for us but I have never seen a shepherd to force a sheep to drink nor to eat ( using the verbs to clarify).

    May The Lord bless each one of the sheep at Calvary Baptist Church Brampton and each person looking and searching for answers to the purpose of his/her life. Keep going!!!


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