Jonah 4: Who Can Tell

Happy Sunday, church.

We continue to study the minor prophets of the Old Testament this morning, focusing on the Book of Jonah. We examine the surprising turns of the prophet’s story, which “confounds all human reason, calculation and expectation,” as Pastor Bodner puts it.

As we seek God’s purpose in our own lives, we seek also to learn more about the wisdom of God in all of its astounding power. May God give us hearts prepared to receive and trust in the truth of His Word, and worship the King it reveals.

First Song: How Deep the Father’s Love


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Scripture readings

Psalm 98
Proverbs 9
Colossians 4
Jonah 3

You can watch our service livestreams at 11 AM on Sundays on our Facebook page. The sermon will later be uploaded to YouTube and available on this page.

Second Song: He Will Hold Me Fast

Closing thought

There is one political maxim which comforts me: “The Lord reigns.”

John Newton

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