Jonah 4: Who Can Tell

Happy Sunday, church. We continue to study the minor prophets of the Old Testament this morning, focusing on the Book of Jonah. We examine the surprising turns of the prophet’s story, which “confounds all human reason, calculation and expectation,” as Pastor Bodner puts it. As we seek God’s purpose in our own lives, we seekContinue reading “Jonah 4: Who Can Tell”

Jonah 3: Salvation is of the Lord

We’re glad to gather this morning to worship our God and King. Pastor Bodner leads us further in our study of Jonah this morning, considering his importance both in the context of his time and in the wider context of the whole Bible and the unified story of redemption that is told in its pages.Continue reading “Jonah 3: Salvation is of the Lord”

Jonah 2: From the Presence of the Lord

Happy Reformation Day! Today is a day Protestant people and churches like Calvary remember and give thanks for the Reformation. On October 31, 1517, a law student-turned-monk called Martin Luther nailed 95 “theses” to the announcement board on the door of the church in Wittenberg (Germany). For many years, he had been struggling to understandContinue reading “Jonah 2: From the Presence of the Lord”

Jonah 1: From the Presence of the Lord

It’s a delight to be with you today, Calvary. For the past few weeks, we have been looking at less well-known parts of the Old Testament and appreciating their place in the unified story of God’s Word, the Bible. Pastor Bodner takes us into the Book of Jonah today. May God open our minds andContinue reading “Jonah 1: From the Presence of the Lord”