Hallowed Be Thy Name

Good morning! We’re happy to have you here! A sermon summary will be posted later today. First Song: All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name Offering Online giving information is available here. Message Scripture readings Exodus 33:11-34:91 Peter 1:13-21Matthew 6:9 Second Song: Lovingkindness Closing thought This is the challenge for the believer this side ofContinue reading “Hallowed Be Thy Name”

Our Father…in Heaven

Good morning, Calvary! We’re blessed to have you join us in worship today. Our series looking at Jesus’s teachings on how to pray continues today. Looking in detail at the Lord’s Prayer, the sermon today concerns how we come to prayer with a right attitude. Our approach should be reverent, with humility and awe, andContinue reading “Our Father…in Heaven”

After This Manner Pray, Part 3

Good morning! We continue our series on prayer today. Details will follow later today. For now, please enjoy the music and verse selected for today. The message will, as usual, livestream at 11 AM. First Song: As the Deer Offering Online giving information is available here. Message Scripture readings Nehemiah 8:1-9:3Acts 8:26-40Matthew 6:9 You canContinue reading “After This Manner Pray, Part 3”

After This Manner Pray, Part 2

Good morning, Calvary! We are so delighted to be able to worship in person today, and to continue to worship together online as well! We began a series on prayer last week, looking at how Jesus addresses prayer. Last week, we discussed how prayer must be solely for the benefit of our relationship with God,Continue reading “After This Manner Pray, Part 2”

After This Manner Pray, Part 1

Good morning, Calvary! We’re glad and thankful that we get to worship with you. This week, we begin a series on prayer. Along with the Word of God (the Bible), prayer is one of the indispensable elements of a Christian’s relationship with God. God speaks to us through His Word, and we speak to HimContinue reading “After This Manner Pray, Part 1”

My Righteous Servant

Good morning, church. It’s good to be here. These past few weeks, we’ve considered the Song of the Servant, written by the prophet Isaiah of the forthcoming Messiah. In the song, Isaiah details the need for salvation, and the suffering the Messiah will endure in order to secure it. We know from scripture that theContinue reading “My Righteous Servant”

A Root out of Dry Ground

Good morning, church! It’s a blessing to open God’s Word with you today. We’re in the book of Isaiah looking at “The Song of the Servant” (chapters 52-53). We considered last week the revelation of the Messiah in the prologue to the Song, and we turn this week to the humiliation of the Messiah. InContinue reading “A Root out of Dry Ground”

Behold My Servant

Good morning, all! We begin a look at the last of Isaiah’s “Songs of the Servant,” in which God reveals to Isaiah a prophecy of the coming Messiah and Servant-King, Jesus Christ. Revelation will be the theme of today’s sermon as we examine Jehovah (God)’s revelation to Isaiah about Jesus Christ and Isaiah’s meditations onContinue reading “Behold My Servant”