God’s Grace and Justice

Happy Sunday, church. It’s good to share this time with you. This week, we’re look at the balancing of God’s justice and undeserved love in the form of saving grace. Pastor Ralph explains, “Saving grace generates both the ability to admit to [your] need of it as well as willingness to receive God’s gift byContinue reading “God’s Grace and Justice”

God’s Grace: Indispensable

Happy Valentine’s Day! We’re thankful for the opportunity to reflect on the immeasurable gift of love. Today, we’re look at a particular facet of God’s love towards us: grace (undeserved favour). Grace is as essential (indispensable!) to gospel history as it is to our daily lives, and its ultimate expression is God’s perfect gift ofContinue reading “God’s Grace: Indispensable”

God’s Grace

Good morning. We’re glad to worship with you today. A sad symptom of our fallen human nature is our tendency to notice inconvenience, adversity, and want more readily than the multiplicity of blessings that feature daily in our lives. Aspects of God’s love are examined today, namely His mercy (just punishment withheld), grace (undeserved favourContinue reading “God’s Grace”

The Greatest Little Words

Good morning, church! We’re grateful for another day to learn about the greatness of our God, and we’re thankful for you as we praise Him together. Today we savour the infinite implications and endless richness tucked into some of the smallest words that frame the gospel, words like “God,” “grace,” and “so” (“God so lovedContinue reading “The Greatest Little Words”


We’re thankful to worship with you again this morning, Calvary! Today we’re continuing to consider the history of redemption (the Christ crescendo). The focus of the next few sermons will be Jesus preparing his disciples for his departure (death, resurrection, ascension) by telling them about what will come after him — the Holy Spirit, describedContinue reading “Parakletos”

The Jesus Crescendo, Part 2

Good morning! We’re glad you’re here. It’s a privilege and blessing to worship with you. We’ve just passed out of a difficult year, and these first breaths of 2021 have scarcely been less turbulent. Rampant disease, political turmoil, crime, tragedy — as we look upon the history we’ve just lived and the history we areContinue reading “The Jesus Crescendo, Part 2”

The Jesus Crescendo, Part 1

Good morning, Calvary, and Happy New Year! It’s a privilege to worship with you. We’re continuing our theme on the connections between Christmas and Easter. The message this week aims to trace the Christ crescendo through the history of redemption, beginning with prophecies of Jesus’ birth and building up to Pentecost. We consider that ChristContinue reading “The Jesus Crescendo, Part 1”